Shinobigami Errata: Part 2 (preview)

I’ve been working on some art pieces for a show that’s coming up. Between that and everything else, I haven’t had much time for working on this stuff, unfortunately. I’m trying to get a game of this going this month in San Diego, so hopefully that’ll work out. Anyone in San Diego should try to check out the show that my art is going to appear in! More details on that later, I guess.

Here’s the basics of what is changed:
-The way that experience points are gained and used. You can now use experience points to buy new ninja tools.
-Who can enter a battle and when
-Costs of Ninpo during the Plot phase
-Damage from a Special roll
-You can now do extra damage with a Flashback scene instead of +3 to a roll

Other stuff I want to write up:
-Henchmen rules
-Blood oath rules
-Normal people. Probably the biggest new addition to the rules
-Sub-schools within each clan. This is my favorite part of the book:

Each ninja clan has 3 sub-schools. Each sub-school has special Ninpo that are specific to them. For example, within the machine-loving Hasuba Ningun, there are:
-Tsubanomigumi: A group of ninja that have devoted themselves to perfection via cyborg implants. You must have taken the Kinin Ninpo, the one where you have replaced a bodypart with a cyborg implant in order to replicate another clan’s abilities, in order to join this sub-school. The Ninpo that is available to this subschool are a Ninpo that lets you do 1d6-1 extra damage at the cost of 1 Life Point, a Ninpo that lets you take another Skill, and one more that allows you to lower your Fumble Value by losing Life Points.
-Oozuchigun: They are all about using ninja tools.  Their Ninpo all use or replenish ninja tools.
-Sashiganehan: Sort of the research and development unit of the clan.

I am just waiting for some extra time so that I can rewrite my translation of the first book and make it into a nice PDF.  I’m going to include the errata and hopefully some of the new Ninpo.  I’ve got some issues with what words to use in the translation, and what exactly I want to translate, but that’s a different post.


~ by mattgsanchez on November 1, 2010.

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