Hunters Moon

I got quite the haul for Christmas: not only did I get Shinobigami Shi, the fourth (last?) Shinobigami book, but I also received Hunters Moon, another RPG by the group that put out Shinobigami.

In Hunters Moon, the players take on the role of “Hunters,” people that hunt Monobeasts.  Monobeasts are invisible creatures that feast on unwary humans.  Hunters have eaten the flesh of a Monobeast or drank of their blood and are now able to see them and have been given special abilities.  Think Buffy or the White Wolf game Hunter and you’ve got a pretty good idea of what it’s about.

The book is very similar in layout to Shinobigami in that it starts off with a replay for half of the book, then explains the rules in the second half.  It seems that there is a little bit more attention paid to the world guide this time around, and the monster section is much more fleshed out.  From the cursory glance that I gave the replay, it seems to start off at the end of a session where the players are in trouble, then changes to a new session.  I’m looking forward to reading it.

As far as the system goes, it seems very similar to Shinobigami.  Instead of Dungeons and Dragons style stats and hitpoints, each character sheet mostly consists of skills and abilities.  Instead of the 6 ninja clans, this time the skills seem to be divided up by attack types: flame, trap, dog, spear, knife, and gun.  Abilities are chosen based on the skills that the character has.  The rest of the game seems to work out roughly the same way that Shinobigami did, only now it has more of an emphasis on teamwork.  I’ll give the book a real read soon and post more of my thoughts.

But I guess I should read the 3rd and 4th Shinobigami books, first…


~ by mattgsanchez on December 25, 2010.

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