What I’m Playing…

I’ve been keeping busy lately; between my crappy part time job and looking for gainful employment, I’ve still made time to paint my Empire of the Burning Sun fleet for Dystopian Wars, trek down to San Diego to see friends, and win a local Malifaux tournament.  Here’s what I’ve been doing with my gaming buddies:

– Painted up a Strange Aeons/Unspeakable Cults cult.  They’re the Heralds of the Yellow Sign, and will go perfectly with my King in Yellow mini.

-Painted up my Empire of the Burning Sun fleet.  The theme is that they’re Perry’s Blackships, dark, dirty gunmetal ships with red trim.  I’m really happy with the way they came out.

-Won a Malifaux tourney using the Dreamer box.  Got some store credit to get…

-Thunderstone, a deck building game with a fantasy theme.  Hadn’t played any deck building games before, and it’s not quite what I expected, but it’s still great fun.  Good solo, too, for those (many) nights when I’m so alone..

-Ran The Aztec Arrow in San Diego.  I’ve been talking to a lot of people about getting games of Shinobigami together lately, but its like herding cats.  Once things sort of slow down for me due to some personal stuff, I think I’m going to try to schedule a bunch of games again around here and maybe San Diego.

Now that I look at the list, that’s pretty long and doesn’t really make it look like I’m spending the time I ought to rid myself of this unemployed status.  But there’s only so much I can take before I need to take a break and dive into fantastic worlds!  I’d really like to get my 4e Dark Sun campaign going again, play more Shinobigami and finally get some games of Dystopian Wars in.  And then there’s Hunter’s Moon…


~ by mattgsanchez on January 20, 2011.

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