Hunter’s Moon Replay: Death From Above Part 3

The contination of the replay portion of the Hunter’s Moon book started here and continured here.

Pursuit Phase (Midnight)

So the team is pretty trashed already, but Aldol has also taken some damage.  Sirius took a hit and Yoriko lost her basic attack, and with Aldol minus 2 body parts, it’s 2 and 2.

The GM rolls the Location and gets the subway; anyone rolling a Fumble will be hit by a train, taking 1d6 damage.  George remarks that even if he’s hit, he wouldn’t die and someone mentions him being Frenzied.  He asks if anyone has a ‘sedative’ that he can use for the final battle, and nobody has one to hand over and the players ask if there if they can buy some, but are told no; convenience stores don’t sell that sort of medicine, etc.

The GM next rolls to see what Aldol’s next move will be.  It turns out that Aldol will eat on the run, devouring a group of people and gaining 3d6 Morale unless he’s stopped.  George tries to stop him, but he fails and the other players decide that they can’t afford to try to stop him, even though the increase in his Morale will force them to use more Emotion later.  (btw I’ve been using the word Emotion for 感性, which might better be sensitivity or sense, but since it makes PCs berserk–Frenzy or Atrphy–I felt Emotion works better.  ymmv)  Anyway, the players really need to find Aldol’s weakness and trait, so they let him go for now.  The group is afraid that Aldol is going to concentrate their attacks on Yoriko since she’s weakened, and want to end this round quickly by finding his weakness and end combat quickly.

Yoriko is successful in finding out Aldol’s weakness: his heart!  Toujaku holds the heart he tore from Aldol and asks, “This?”  They’ve already hit his weak point.  Toujaku asks if he can eat the heart now or if he has to wait until later.  It turns out that Hunters gain abilities by eating slain monobeasts.  The others ask where he got the heart from, to which he replies, “It’s magic!”

Sirius succeeds in finding Aldol’s trait.  It turns out that Aldol gets an extra action anytime an enemy goes berserk.  The players remark that they’ve already gone berserk a few times, but Aldol hasn’t gotten any extra attacks.  He says that because they went berserk during the end phase, he was not able to use it because of timing issues.  The party then discusses the danger of using too much Emotion now.

Toujaku succeeds on his Practice check, enchanting his blades to get an extra point of damage on Aldol on the next battle, although they’ve all decided to run as soon as they can.

Combat Phase (Midnight)

This time, despite the whining of the party, no items are given out.  All PCs fail their initiative check, going after Aldol.

The players convince the GM that since Aldol is acting on wild instinct, he should be attacking a single random target instead of hitting all of them with his ‘full party attack’.  Silly players.  The GM gives in and attacks Toujaku for 18 damage.

George jumps in to block for toujaku, reducing the damage to 13.  Sirius tries to help, but fails.  George then blocks again, reducing the damage to 7.  George blocks one more time to reduce it to 3 damage, which Toujaku dodges easily.  The PCs then run away.

The PC’s Morale is raised a little, and Aldol, who hadn’t taken any damage this round, gets its Morale raised up to 31.  The combat ends and the next phase begins.

Next: the last pursuit phase before the final combat phase.


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2 Responses to “Hunter’s Moon Replay: Death From Above Part 3”

  1. Did you ever finish this replay?

    • Huh, I guess I never did. I think I lost steam. If I were to go back, I’d probably read through Blood Crusade, the spiritual successor and “reboot” of Hunter’s Moon. Someday I’ll get around to it!!

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