Ryuutama thoughts

I’ve been reading through my Ryuutama books again lately.  A friend of mine in Japan played a session of it in a convention in Nagoya a few months ago and he told me it was just like playing a Monster Hunter rpg.  Hm…  It’s quite a different game than Hunter’s Moon, since combat is nowhere near the focus and you’re just as likely to die by traveling in the rain as you are by being attacked by eggs.  But it does seem to contain a lot of the same elements as Monster Hunter; trekking across gorgeous locations, keeping track of rations and water, keeping a detailed map and taking materials from monsters you defeat.  One of the (many) awesome things about Ryuutama is the GM mechanic: GMs are given a character that influences the game, called a Ryubito/Dragon Person.  At the creation of the scenario, the GM must decide which race the Ryubito is: Green for normal journey scenarios, Blue for human drama/honobono scenarios, Red for combat heavy scenarios, Black for dark or suspenseful scenarios.

Ryuutama Tensei 3 Nocturne Maniax Chronicle Edition

I have many obsessions, and Megami Tensei is one of them so naturally it occurred to me that a campaign based on the MegaTen 3 Nocturne world would be perfect for this system.  Each player controls a hitoshura that travels to the various locales of what’s left of Tokyo and interacts with the inhabitants.  The Ryubito mechanic is replaced by a demon or character that is determined by the Reason that the scenario fits best.  Combat heavy would obviously be Yosuga, the might-makes-right faction; Honobono/Human Drama would fit Musubi, the solitude/isolation Reason (the scenario would demonstrate why human relationships are doomed to failure and thus the world would be better off without it), simple traveling scenarios would fit Shijima, the Reason of stillness and one-with-the-worldness.  Lastly, the dark and angsty scenarios would have to be guided along by Lucifer.  Man, I should get on this…


I have both the supplements and they both add quite a bit to the world of Ryuutama.

-Passport 1: Rules for land vehicles (carts/wagons/buggies) and seagoing vessels.  Lots of good ideas for fantastic locales plus more monsters.  A new class: Navigator, the only class that can safely pilot a ship.

-Passport 2: 5 major cities developed in detail, including the city of the nekogoblins.  Extra rules for foraging, plus errata, variant rules and lots of random charts.  Also, rules for playing a nekogoblin!!  (make that a Jack Frost…)


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