Monotone Museum

I was browsing FEAR’s stuff when I came across an RPG that I hadn’t noticed before:

Monotone Museum.

The artwork on the homepage drew me in; there’s a little girl with a huge claw (I love huge claws, ever since D. Gray Man) and some other random chick.  It’s another game using the SRS engine, like Tenra War and Alshard, etc.  The monotone motif was also interesting.  I read a little into the story, and it’s something like this.

It’s an “Ironic Fairy Tale” rpg.  It’s set in some dark fantasy world where reality is being “frayed.”  From these frays in reality, monsters are starting to come through and their world is being torn apart.  Everyone lives in fear that tomorrow may never come, their world torn asunder by these malevolent forces.  There is nowhere to run, and in fact their fear only exacerbates the problem.  In fact, these “frays” are being caused by the crumbling of “order” in the world.  People have the power to create “order” in their hearts, but as fear and misunderstanding spreads, the frays in reality tear wider.

PCs take the role of the protagonists in a fairy tale that sets out to find out what exactly is causing these “frays” and set things right.  Possible roles include great heroes and small children, like other SRS titles.

Hmm.  I’ll pick it up when I’m in Japan in a couple weeks, then write a bit more about what I find.  Like most JRTPGs, the art looks really awesome, but for an “ironic fairy tale,” it seems fairly light and simplistic.  I guess I was expecting something more… post-modern.  Something like Jags Wonderland.

Has anyone else checked this out?


~ by mattgsanchez on February 3, 2011.

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