Koneko Goblins in Ryuutama

Before I get back to translating the rest of the Hunter’s Moon replay, I’m going to put up something else here from something that I’ve been getting really into lately: Ryuutama.  Specifically from the second supplement, the rules to play a koneko goblin.

First of all, what is a koneko goblin?  Well, in the world of Ryuutama, evil and nasty humanoid races such as orcs and kobolds don’t exist.  Instead, the core rulebook has rules for 2 original humanoid monster races: the NekoGoblins and the GobRoaches.  The GobRoaches are the nastier of the two, presented as distrusted and (gasp!) disliked by man, with radioactive and flying variations.  The NekoGoblins are presented as a mischievous and barbaric feline race; the sample scenarios in the book both involved NegoGoblins as the main plot interactions, both benign and hostile.  There are tons of illustrations of them throughout the book, and they have 3 main variations: adult NekoGoblins, the larger and uglier HobNekoGoblins, and the young and cute Koneko Goblins.

Edit: After doing more reading, it turns out that Koneko Goblins are simply a different breed of Neko Goblin, as are the HobNeko Goblins.  Since they are smaller, they’re often used as underlings for the other Neko Goblins breeds.

Ok, so you want to play as a Koneko Goblin.  (I like to call them Gobunyas, because that’s what they say and its so CUTE)  Here we go:

Starting Stats:  Unlike human characters, Koneko Goblins will always have a 4 in STR and an 8 in SPT.  You may put a 6 and 4 in the two remaining stats as you like.  Yes, the stats will add up to 2 less than a human character.

Class + Type: As human.

Racial Characteristics:

  • Headvase: Koneko Goblins keep a small vase on their head at all times in order to hold their prized possessions.  All Koneko Goblins gain a +3 bonus to Carrying Capacity.
  • Seasonal: Koneko Goblins are most active during the Spring.  During Spring, all Koneko Goblins gain a +1 bonus to all Condition and Initiative Checks.
  • Cat’s Eye: Koneko Goblins are able to see quite clearly in the dark, thanks to their feline sense of sight.  As long as there is moonlight to guide them, Koneko Goblins do not suffer from a penalty to any Traveling Checks during “night” weather.

So that’s it, really.  In the supplement is a bit more history about the NekoGoblins, their personalities, food, size, family, jobs, etc. so if there’s interest I can translate that, too.


~ by mattgsanchez on February 6, 2011.

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