What I’m Playing

Well, I’ve been back in LA for a week or so, and I’ve barely had any time to get any translating done.  Between my birthday and a trip to San Diego, I’ve been really busy, but still spending as much time gaming as I can before work starts.

The day I got back from Nagoya, I went to my local game store in Brea, The Realm.  I picked up Mansions of Madness as a gift from my parents, and the next day my friend Dan gave me a Thunderstone expansion and the Betrayal at the House on the Hill boardgame.  I’m going to have a heck of a time trying to take it all with me, and I’m not sure that my wife will be totally happy when I do, heh.

Anyway, this is what I’ve been playing:

  • Lots of Thunderstone (lots of fun, and even more diverse set ups now)
  • Mansions of Madness (way awesome! but set up takes forever…)
  • Betrayal on the House on the Hill (like a quick, Mansions of Madness-lite)
  • Dystopian Wars (finally getting the hang of getting each turn finished quickly!)
  • Shinobigami: 1 8-player game and 1 intense 3-player game.  I recorded most of the 8 player game and was thinking about uploading it as some sort of podcast or something, but its looooooong.  I’m going to start using the rules from the 2nd and 3rd books more often now when I play, so I’m looking forward to more games!!!

What I’ve been reading and excited about:

  • Tokyo Nova: the JRPG that does cyberpunk right.  The system uses a playing card mechanic that’s somewhat similar to Malifaux, but also uses Tarot cards for character classes and scene effects.  No street samurai half-trolls here; this is straight-up hard cyberpunk without the lame fantasy injection.
  • Trail of Cthulhu: The very first Cthulhu games I ran were using CthulhuTech.  It was interesting, but in the end I couldn’t stand the half-baked ruleset, and the later books sort of weirded me out.  Call of Cthulhu didn’t appeal to me until I started listening to the podcasts on Yog-sothoth.com, which made me depressed that I’d never be able to form a CoC group.  Then I picked up the Trail of Cthulhu books and a bunch of AWESOME scenarios, and now my old DnD group is coming together this Saturday to run one.  The only problem; which do I run? The Big Hoodoo (well-known 1950s Sci-fi writers solve the mystery of Jack Parson’s death), Shanghai Bullets (film-noir pulp mystery in 1930s Shanghai), or one of the really well done scenarios from the Shadows Over Filmland book (basically they’re all set in some RKO Universal monster movie)?  I don’t think I’ve seen a ToC scenario that didn’t blow me away, and the system is easy and makes running games exciting for the players and the Keeper.  Can’t wait to use it at a convention overseas.  My wife and I already translated the character sheet, too.
  • Shinobigami 3: Read through the replay, and it started off sort of goofy, but ended with an unexpectedly dramatic twist.  Loved the cameos of the characters from the different Bouken games, too.  Can’t wait to get to 4 so that I can read Shinobigami Ran (which I’ll need to post about soon)!
  • Tenka Ryouran: Andy hooked me up with the core book and the 2 supplements.  This game is way awesome.  It’s a JRPG by F.E.A.R. using the SRS system set in the Bakumatsu period of Japan.  Some of the character classes are way awesome: “person from the future” and “person controlling/turning into huge monster/armor/god” and “City-boy*” are just some of the really interesting and way awesome classes available to players.  I’ll definitely be posting more about this game when I get back to Japan.

*It’s “Edo-kid,” I guess, where basically the player has grown up in Edo living a life of leisure and gambling and has a sort of easy-go-lucky attitude through life that is reinforced the more times you take the class.  They don’t fight and have no magic; instead they have stuff like like and connections, etc.

This weekend I’ll be running an all-day Trail of Cthulhu scenario, catching Re-Animator the Musical in Hollywood, and probably playing more Thunderstone with my best friend from San Diego.  I really ought to get through these books sitting on my desk, but… priorities!


~ by mattgsanchez on March 10, 2011.

3 Responses to “What I’m Playing”

  1. that’s a lot of games! lol

  2. I would recommend Shangai Bullets, although the scenarios in Shadows over Filmland are awesome too.

    • Ok, I think I’ll take up your recommendation and run Shanghai Bullets. I think my players are going to be excited about the complicated political and factional situation in 1930s Shanghai. Thanks!

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