Donate to the victims of the crisis in Japan

Though my family and friends in Japan are safe, fully 1/3 of the country is in shambles.  While my wife diligently goes to work everyday over there, I’ve been sitting at home unable to get much done, glued to any news that comes out of NHK World.  It’s frustrating when the only thing you can really do is donate money.

Ewen and Andy have made that easier for you, though.  When you buy a copy of Maid RPG, they’ve decided to donate the profit, plus $5 out of their own pocket, to the cause:

Here’s the deal: For the next month or so, for every copy of Maid RPG sold, print or PDF, Andy and I will donate the profit, plus $5 out of our own pockets to the Red Cross for disaster relief. That’s all there is to it. Buy it at the usual places, namely Indie Press Revolution or the Maid RPG website.

If you have no interest in Maid RPG (c’mon, it’s fun as heck!), or if you already own a copy, please think about donating to the Red Cross, as every little bit helps.


~ by mattgsanchez on March 16, 2011.

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  1. […] as it is without thinking about donating towards Japan earthquake relief, but someone sent me this link yesterday.  You can buy something that might give you a few laughs, and still help Japan!  You […]

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