Ryuutama Sample Scenario 1 – The Town of Ifa

Fresh on the heels of my Shinobigami scenario, here’s a bit from the Ryuutama core rulebook: the first sample scenario.

It’s a simple affair; the PCs travel through what seems to be a fairly simple field, when they find themselves inundated by heavy rain.  They’ve got to search for shelter but they find something they don’t expect when they do.  There’s no combat and no real drama.  This is honobono gaming.  It’s a cute scenario that trots out each rule, one at a time, and is meant for 1st level and first time players.

scenario target- travel – Ifa

scenario cultivation

event worksheet – 1

event worksheet – 2

event worksheet – 3

event worksheet – 4


~ by mattgsanchez on April 2, 2011.

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