Saikoro Fiction: The Japanese World of Darkness?

With Magicalogia, the Saikoro Fiction series has started a strong push to consolidate all the titles into one world.  Astute readers of the replays might have seen this coming: the magician character Kuroma Toujaku has been featured in the Shinobigami 3, Hunter’s Moon and Magicalogia replays.  

The Magicalogia book, however, takes things a bit further.  The enemies section of the book includes stats for Innocents and Spookies from Peekaboo, ninjas from Shinobigami, and hunters and monobeasts alike from Hunter’s Moon.  Each entry introduces special rules and magic for these characters to use that makes battling them similar to their respective games.  Ninjas, for example, can set the fumble values higher or lower and have Ougi attacks.  Monobeasts can’t die unless it’s a full moon, etc.

I thought this was an interesting notion until Kawashima-sensei showed me something I hadn’t noticed before: issue 78 of Roll and Role magazine (one of the larger Japanese TRPG magazines) includes a setting called Rokubungi City, which is supposed to be a suburb of Tokyo within the Sai-Fi universe.  If such a place actually exists, I don’t know.  The word Rokubungi translates to “sextant,” though if it has any significance, I don’t know it yet.

The article itself has a large map of the city, including interesting landmarks, coffee shops and schools, as well as a large number of NPCs and hooks for all 4 games.  Not only that, but the article includes scene charts for each game, as well.  I hope that Adventure Planning Service puts out a few more articles like this.  Kawashima-sensei is a fan of the World of Darkness, and it shows.  Like the WoD, the series don’t quite perfectly fit (ninjas would probably scrape the floor with everyone) but I always thought that it was part of its charm.  Being able to port characters from one Sai-Fi game to another is a cool idea, though, something that WoD couldn’t ever do.

Before I end up sounding like too much of a Adventure Planning Service shill, I guess I better take a break and write about End Breakers or something else next!


~ by mattgsanchez on May 16, 2011.

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