Ok, so I promised I was going to talk about something non-Saikoro Fiction (Sai-Fi) next, but 1) I’ve been too busy to read through anything else and 2) David Bowie.

What I mean by that is that last month, a contest run by Bouken for people to submit their own homebrewed Sai-Fi game to be published had come to a close.  Unfortunately, I had found out about it a mere 2 weeks before the deadline, so I wasn’t able to submit anything, but it got my brain going something fierce.  I mean, imagine a fantasy game where each of the 6 categories represents the classic classes, or a David Bowie game where each of the categories corresponds to an era in his career.

And with that, Diamond Dogs was born.  Diamond Dogs: the David Bowie rpg took only a couple weeks to put together and run over skype with my Shinobigami group from San Diego.  Despite the time difference, the game ran really well and was a hell of a lot of fun, with lots of Bowie song quotes and pretty man madness.  I haven’t had much energy to get around to it, but once I have time, I’m going to throw together a PDF with the complete rules and 3 characters for a one shot for anyone to play.

Highlights of the setting: defeating T-Bolan and finding out that it was a mind-controlled Lady Stardust (and that Lady Stardust was a dude all along), the Glass Spider showing the PCs Iggy the Fool’s Secret, and the giant dance-magicked baby Freddie.  I’ll write a better write up of the game later.  Lately work has sapped my energy, unfortunately, so it might be a few days.  sorry.


~ by mattgsanchez on May 23, 2011.

2 Responses to “Sai-Fi”

  1. These Sai-Fi games are really amazing—are you planning to continue translating Shinobigami? I found the character creation section you translated quite interesting but it’s the secrets, flashbacks, and bond forging that appear the most revolutionary to me. These are the sorts of things that focus and inspire roleplaying in ways that very few western RPGs do, so they’re what I’d like to see most, if you’re still translating.

    And thanks for the work you’ve already done.

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