Diamond Dogs: Character Creation

The World of Diamond Dogs:  On May 21, 2012, children born all over the world shared a number of strange traits: white hair, pale skin, and golden eyes.  These strange children grow up with a cold attitude, disconnected to the world until they simultaneously hit puberty.  On this day, these children bloom into their full potential; possessors of superhuman power and genius that seem to share a sort of global consciousness.  They begin to call themselves O-Types; the original progenitors of the human race, reborn after millenium of hibernating in our DNA, ready to take back their world.  They claim that the human beings that we know in our history have forfeited their soul long ago.  Their soul, on the other hand, is able to take shape in a form that represents their individual identity, that sort of…  *ahem* STANDS *ahem* on their own.  They begin to eradicate the human race.

The human race is not without its champions, of course.  Ever since the dawn of history, a single man has watched over us, guiding us and pushing us into our present society: David Bowie.  Also known as Buddha, Jesus and the dude who paints trees on public television.  Though he has disappeared in the last days of humanity, we have developed the technology to clone Bowie, if imperfectly.  With the last breath of humanity, all of our consciousness has been reduced to digital data that has been entrusted to 7 of these clones of David Bowie, called the Diamond Dogs, with the hopes that one day they will be able to create a world in which man can live again.  In the thousands of years since, the Diamond Dogs have walked this ravaged landscape, sowing the seeds of humanity in a strange and foreign land.

Character Creation

Players play clones of the original David Bowie.  Players decide if their clone has DNA spliced with the blood of other immortal rock star legends, or if they represent a paragon of one of Bowie’s personas from his many eras.  In either case, a player chooses one of the 6 eras of Bowie to specialize in: Ziggy SD, Thin White Duke, Jerith the Goblin King, Tin Machine, Earthling, and Heathen.  On the character sheet, each era is represented by a category; the player fills in in the “gap,”, the column of thin white boxes  to either side of their category.  Normal clones choose 2 skills in their category, and 3 from any other category.  Paragon clones choose 3 from their category and 2 of any other category.  Players may then create their own skill that doesn’t have to come from any other category, and use it as their “Crowd Skill.”  A character’s chosen era is written down in their Archetype box on the character sheet.

The skills are as follows:

Ziggy SD: space, alone, ice, bright, party, beam, cold, youth, spike, gay, flight

Thin White Duke: drugs, totalitarianism, space, light, myth, spear, soul, fascination, lost, rebel, apocolypse

Jerith: goblin, king, magic, maze, dark, dagger, dance, glass, baby, lies, play

Tin Machine: group, shell, rock, drill, robot, claw, earth, gear, steam, control, time

Earthling: weakness, rhythm, law, deception, world, sword, death, wind, wonder, fear, weaponry

Heathen: burn, future, ray, panic, cure, fist, understanding, age, fire, wisdom, escape.

Players may then choose Songs.  They may choose any songs from the General Song list, but must include at least one Song from their Archetype list.  Paragons have access to Encores; extra powerful songs that are only available to those that are in tune with one of Bowie’s personas.


Example: “Dance Magic” Archetype: Jerith Type: Attack  Cost: 2 Crowd Effect: On successful skill check, deal 3 damage to adjacent enemy

Characters start off with a Plastic Soul of 6; this represents their maximum Crowd and also their starting HP.  A character’s starting Crowd is determined at the end of their introduction scene.

Next: How to play the game


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