Diamond Dogs: The Scenario

Illness and family issues have kept me basically offline for the past 2 weeks, my apologies.  There are lots of things that I want to get around to, including Gear Antique, a new Ryuutama scenario, and End Breakers.  But before that, I need to finish up Diamond Dogs.

I wrote this scenario for 3 PCs.  I don’t have any Songs written up beyond those that these 3 PCs use, so the PCs are all premade and are purposefully left somewhat vague.  We had some fun trying to come up with appropriate song titles and skills for each Song.  The characters are as follows:

PC1 – Ziggy Stardust Paragon (ideal for Back-up)

Skills: 3 from Ziggy SD, 2 from any other


  • Equip Type – -2 to all combat rolls when in Back-up Area.
  • Attack Type – Cost: 1, 2 Damage attack
  • Attack Type – Cost: –, 1 enemy takes 1 damage
  • Special Paragon: Attack Type: Cost 3, 2 damage to all enemies

PC2 Jerith type (ideal for Frontman)

Skills: 2 from Jerith, 3 from any


  • Support Type Cost: 2, -1 damage taken for 1 round
  • Attack Type Cost: 2, 3 damage attack
  • Equip Type, +3 to starting Crowd
  • Equip Type, +1 to all drama scene rolls

PC3 Heathen Type (ideal for Baseline)

Skills: 2 from Heathen, 3 from any


  • Support Type: Cost 2, heal target 1d6
  • Equip Type: +3 to Max Crowd
  • Attack Type: Cost 6, 1d6 damage to all characters in battle
  • Attack Type: Cost 1, 1 damage to all characters in target area


Here is the basic layout (and lack thereof) that I used for my game.

Introduction: Each player has an NPC appear before them and urge them to wake up from their slumber to help repel the invading O-Types.  Lady Stardust appears to a PC in a dream and begs for their help.  In another, Iggy the Fool appears and appeals for help in a flash back.  In the third, Halloween Jack appears with information for another PC and mentions a far away Crystal Tower where trouble is brewing.  As usual, the relationship between the NPC and the PC is rolled randomly, then role played.  At the end of each introduction scene, Crowd is rolled as usual.

Main Phase

The Main Phase will probably be busy for the PCs as they try to uncover each NPC’s Secret, try to charge Crowd and find their way to the Crystal Tower before time runs out.  Each Drama Scene should start with a roll on the Scene Chart (use the Shinobigami one for now).  T-Bolan will attack the PCs at the end of the first cycle. Battle Scenes may be fought against a bunch of random thugs as appropriate for the scene.  NPCs and an Enigma are as follows:

T-Bolan – Secret: This is Lady Stardust’s evil form, mind controlled by the Puppet Master.  Defeating T-Bolan will set Lady Stardust free.

Lady Stardust – Secret: Lady Stardust is one of the 7 saviors of mankind.  The others are the 3 PCs, Iggy the Fool, Halloween Jack and Leon the Outsider.

Iggy the Fool – Secret: He is being mind controlled, and the only way to break it is to defeat the Enigma.

Halloween Jack – Secret: This Halloween Jack is actually a normal human doing his best to imitate the original Halloween Jack clone after it was destroyed in a calamitous battle.  OR WAS IT?!?!

Uighur (Boss, doesn’t show up until after Enigma is defeated and 3rd cycle) Secret: Succeeding on a random skill check will allow the next attack against Uighur to deal double damage.

Enigma: “Puppet Master” Effect: If left unsolved, the Enigma gives a -1 penalty to all the PC’s rolls starting from Cycle 2.  If left unsolved by the 4th cycle, the Boss Encounter doesn’t occur; the game ends after the 4th cycle.  To Solve: The PCs must succeed on each of the following rolls: Rebel, Lies, Deception.

Uighur is a big old muscly dude at the top of the Crystal Tower.  He is using death metal to control the clones.  He’s got a big cat-o-nine tails whip and a big 2-horned helmet thing.  Yeah, he’s the dude from Fist of the North Star.  He’s got the following skills: Spike, Dark, Shell, Gear, Future.  He has the following Song effects:

  • Equip: No distance penalties in combat
  • Cost: –, Skill: Gear,  1 damage to all
  • Cost: –, Skill: Spike, 2 damage to target
  • Equip: Uighur is so large that he occupies 2 spaces, and therefore attacks 2 times.

This is a really basic scenario that gives the players a lot of leeway and can really become anything your players really want it to be.  When we played, the players ended up traveling through a Labyrinth where they battled T-Bolan, defeated him and gained a new ally in Lady Stardust, then went to some ruins with a giant glass ball and had a giant glass spider tell them about what awaited them at the Crystal Tower, then did some other cool things like gain Crowd before trying to battle Uighur.  They were able to create a new song to convert him, at which time he threw away his metal garments and became a super muscly pretty..boy-man thing with long flowy hair and devoted his life to glam rock and humanity forever.  Oh yeah, and one of the PCs summoned a baby and then made it grow into a giant baby with the face of Freddy Mercury in order to fight Uighur.  Good times.

I think that the game might be a little hard to follow if you’re unfamiliar with Saikoro Fiction, but it works.  I hope someone else can find a way to enjoy the game.

Next: Ryuutama scenario or Gear Antique or new/recent TRPG release roundup!


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