EndBreakers SGC: Amatsukagura and Quarriors

At JGC I had the chance to jump into some demos of board/card games in the dealer’s room.  There were lots of board games all over the place, but I was able to try out a couple of new and interesting games that I’m going to introduce here.

EndBreakers SGC: Amatsukagura is a SGC (strategy card game?) similar to Thunderstone/Dominion, while Quarriors takes that same gameplay and adds some randomness in the form of dice.


EndBreakers Build and Break SGC: Amatsukagura is the first expansion (or second version) of a card game published by Broccoli.  The first game was based on a role-playing game by Group SNE, called EndBreakers, which I’ll get into in a later post.  Gameplay is similar to card games like Dominion, but closer to Thunderstone, as the players build up their decks with heroes and abilities, and attempt to clear a stack of scenario cards while also fighting against bosses.

This genre has exploded in Japan, with games like Tanto Cuore, the maid game out now in America, and Barbarossa, the moe Nazi game, both put out by Arclight.  Luckily, the Endbreakers games don’t have the moe, mostly naked little girl art that is on most of the cards of other games, meaning that you can pull it out during game night without feeling embarrassed.  Well, I guess you’d only have to worry about it in America; in Japan, nobody seems to bat an eyelash.

Anyway, it’s a fun game.  I’d pick it up if I could find reliable players fluent in Japanese when I move back to America.


A cool new twist on the deck building genre is a game called Quarriors.  Apparently it’s being released at the same time around the world, so maybe you could find this at your local FLGS.  Most of your starting dice (no cards) give you a random amount of Mana, which is used to buy new dice, which are then used to generate either more Mana or summon monsters, which are your source of points.  However, the most powerful and valuable monster dice also have the risk of generating a low amount of Mana instead.  It’s a simple-ish game that anyone can pick up if they know any other game in the genre.


~ by mattgsanchez on August 23, 2011.

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