Yuuyake Koyake/Golden Sky Stories translation coming soon!

Ewen Cluney has recently announced the translation of Yuuyake Koyake! You can read his exciting announcement here. He’s translated the title as Golden Sky Stories, which works well and keeps the gentle sunset image that graces the cover of the book.

I feel that the game is a very important part of the Japanese RPG landscape, one of the cornerstones of that Japanese style of gaming called “honobono.” In this style of gaming, there is no (or little) battle, few life or death situations, and no pillaging or murdering for treasure. Instead, these games focus on relationships between people, everyday drama and that glory feeling you get when you watch a Miyazaki film.

In this particular game, you play a “henge,” a forest animal with a few magical abilities. You also have the ability to take the form of a human in order to have an easier time fitting into human society, but unless you really focus, you’re going to have a few tell-tale signs of your animal nature.

You live in a small town surrounded by rice fields, with one or two main roads and a small community of simple humans. They live in harmony with the forest around them, and your curiosity and kind nature drives you to help them in their everyday troubles. Lost puppies, hurt feelings, and dog-eaten homework are the sorts of problems that you’ll be fretting about, and forming relationships is the basis for the game mechanics, which use no dice but a point resource that grows as you strengthen your bonds with others.

Ewen has said on his page over here that he’s going to be putting up a kickstarter project, so I hope you’ll take some time to check it out and see if this game is something that you’ll be interested in. Fans of games like Ryuutama should definitely take a look. It’s not for everyone (I don’t know if it’s possible to power-game) but it’s a great game for those who are sick of wanton destruction and hack n’ slash (or at least want to take a break!).

~ by mattgsanchez on October 31, 2011.

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