Bouken/Adventure Planning Service New Releases for the End of 2011

Today a local convention, NiGHTS, held a “guest convention,” with Saitou Takayoshi and Kawashima Toichiro from the Adventure Planning Service as the guests of honor. Saitou is the writer of Hunters Moon, and Kawashima will be known to frequent readers of my blog as the writer of Shinobigami. They each GMed a game for lucky gamers who won the raffle to get into each game, then held a Q&A session at the end of the day. Unfortunately I didn’t get to participate in either game (I GMed Dungeon World instead), but I took some notes at the Q&A and picked up some really interesting news. They revealed their line up for the next few months, including new books for most of the Saikoro Fiction line, plus more!


  • A new Meikyu Kingdom “game book” (basically a choose your own adventure sort of book) of a title I forgot to write
  • A new Magicalogica supplement, with a really interesting replay that starts in the Meiji period–but each cycle represents 10 years; the entire scenario takes place over 50-60 years!


  • “Special Satasupe” An anniversary supplement for the 15 year old game Satasupe (Saturday Night Special). Includes lots of new rules and additions to the game.
  • “Blood Crusade” A new Saikoro Fiction game, in the vein of Hunters Moon. This time, the enemies are vampires, which will add a layer of complexity to the enemies, while making it easier to play. The weapons from Hunters Moon will be available to PCs.


  • “Shinobigami Ryu” A new Shinobigami supplement that takes place in another new setting: Meiji period London! This time, PCs will be facing off against vampires as well as other ninja clans both local and foreign.

I’m totally excited about these new announcements and can’t wait to throw my money at Bouken!!

~ by mattgsanchez on November 6, 2011.

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